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Visa requirements for nicaraguan citizens

Visa requirements for nicaraguan citizens

Nicaragua covid restrictions

Transit Visa: To obtain this visa is required: valid passport, travel ticket proving the passenger's destination and transit through Bolivian territory for a maximum period of 15 days. Captains, pilots and crew members of ships or aircrafts will be considered transit travelers.

Visa for Specific Purpose: To obtain this visa is required: valid passport, documentation proving the purpose of entering the national territory other than tourism. It is granted for 30 days, extendable through the National Immigration Service.

How can a Nicaraguan travel without a visa?

Yes, if you are a Nicaraguan citizen who wishes to travel to Mexico for business, vacation or unpaid activities for up to 180 days, you must apply at the Consular Section of the Embassy of Mexico for a visitor's visa without permission to perform paid activities.

Which countries require visas for Nicaraguans?

In addition to these countries, Nicaraguans can also enter without a visa to Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland and the microstates of Monaco, San Marino and the Vatican, but like members of the European Union, after the end of 2023, Nicaraguans will need an ETIAS permit.

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Requirements to enter Nicaragua

In this regard, the Embassy of Mexico in Nicaragua would appreciate your cooperation in filling out the form that can be obtained at the following link in order to have your data updated and establish direct communication with you and your family group, if necessary. If your data should change, we would appreciate it if you could modify it to keep the database updated. This form is in addition to the Registration System for Mexicans Abroad (SIRME).

For the issuance of ordinary passports that need to be issued on an emergency basis (for medical, academic, work, travel or appointment reasons), an additional 30% will be charged in addition to the cost of the ordinary passport.

Attention for first time issuance or renewal of Mexican passports is provided by appointment duly scheduled through the appointment portal "MiConsulado", which can be accessed through the following link:

The Embassy of Mexico in Nicaragua is only authorized to receive the corresponding documentation determined by the National Electoral Institute (INE), which will be sent digitized to said Institute for its opinion.  The original documentation will be returned to the interested party on the same day of the procedure.

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Minsa nicaragua

¿Qué es un visado? Un ciudadano de un país extranjero que desee entrar en Estados Unidos generalmente debe obtener primero un visado estadounidense, que se coloca en el pasaporte del viajero, un documento de viaje expedido por el país de ciudadanía o nacionalidad del viajero. Algunos viajeros internacionales pueden viajar a Estados Unidos sin visado si cumplen los requisitos para viajar sin visado en virtud del Programa de Exención de Visado.    La sección Visados de este sitio web trata sobre los visados estadounidenses que pueden obtener los ciudadanos extranjeros para viajar a Estados Unidos.    Si no encuentra aquí lo que busca, visite para obtener información adicional. Nota: Los ciudadanos estadounidenses no necesitan visado para viajar a Estados Unidos, pero cuando planifican un viaje al extranjero es posible que necesiten un visado expedido por la embajada o el consulado del país que desean visitar. ¿Sabe ya qué tipo de visado necesita? Para los visados de no inmigrante, puede ir directamente a la solicitud en línea para el DS-160; o para los visados de inmigrante, directamente al sitio del USCIS para los formularios pertinentes.    Si no está seguro, utilice el asistente de visados que aparece a continuación para ayudarle a determinar su tipo de visado. Ver información local

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Form to enter nicaragua

The purpose of these Regulations is to establish the Norms, General and Specific Provisions for the application of Law No. 761, "General Law of Immigration and Aliens", published in La Gaceta, Official Gazette No. 125 and 126 of July 06 and 07, 2011, hereinafter referred to as the Law.

The Minister of the Interior is responsible for coordinating, directing and managing the General Directorate of Immigration and Aliens through its Director General in accordance with Law No. 290, Law of Organization, Competence and Procedures of the Executive Branch, the Law and these Regulations.

The Director or Director General is the hierarchical superior and highest authority of the Directorate General of Immigration and Aliens, to whom all other officials of the Directorate General of Immigration and Aliens are subordinate.

a) Promotes education, training, discipline, values and organizational culture of the staff of the institution, encourages the work of each of his subordinates and recognizes the meritorious actions of these.

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